Access Policy Manager Segregation of Duties
(SoD) Policy Management

Ensure Compliance and Mitigate Fraud Risks

  • Separate Requests from Approvals
  • Restrict Access to Sensitive Data
  • Automate Access Control Remediation
Segregation of Duties reporting

SafePaaS Segregation of Duties (SoD) Software Services rated by Gartner as the most comprehensive SoD solution.

SafePaaS Segregation of Duties (SoD) Software Services segregates access privileges within your ERP system and restricts sensitive data access to privileged users. Auditors, Security Managers and IT administrators use our web-based software service to define SoD policies, assess SoD risk, detect violations, and remediate access controls. Assess SoD risks by uploading role, responsibility and user access data into our GRC Monitor portal. Test your data with our content base of over 300 rules and then publish the results on a secure portal.

SafePaaS enables your compliance, risk and IT teams to:

  • Automate SoD risk assessments and changes
  • Monitor role assignments and responsibilities
  • Detect, correct and prevent access violations
SafePaaS SoD Policy Manager employs a rules management engine, to scan user access using the security structure of your ERP system. Policy Manager identifies users and their role assignments that violate one or more Segregation of Duties policies. Violation results are stored in a database which is accessed using analytics in Policy Manager. Download test results and corresponding remediation plans in Excel, Word, Acrobat and other common formats to assure management and auditors that your business systems fully comply with Segregation of Duties policies.