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ProcessPaaS™ enables secure, efficient and effective collaboration in the Cloud and On-Premise applications. You can deploy ProcessPaaS™ to extend and integrate key business functions – accounts payable, procurement, accounts receivable, expenses, assets, and general ledger – giving management unprecedented visibility and control over the entire transaction process.

Completely integrated with the On-Premise and Cloud applications, ProcessPaaS™ enables organizations to adopt best practice processes, reduce costs and create the foundation for a digital enterprise. The ProcessPaaS™ toolset is specifically designed to create consistent, standardized business processes for all financial transactions – start to finish.

You can integrate all unstructured information associated with a given transaction — paper, Image, EDI, electronic invoices, spreadsheets and email — into ERP systems.

SafePaaS has a solid foundation of application services for orchestrating processes and automating tasks within those processes. For example, DataProbe™ consolidates integration services, enables risk enabled decision management, process orchestration, ad hoc process workflows and advanced analytics into a single platform.

ProcessPaaS™ with RPA integration helps to achieve “hyper-automation”.

Manage legacy and cross-organization business processes that span people, IT systems and Internet of things, as well as functional boundaries.

Deploy ProcessPaaS™ intelligent business process management (iBPM) services as a master orchestrator of process and manage task lists.

Trigger an RPA bot/script to automate a task within a process. You may use DataProbe™ APIs to integrate the RPA scripts with ProcessPaaS™ master orchestrator.

Monitor metrics and create analytics dashboards to identify opportunities to improve the process using MonitorPaaS™

Subscribe to ProcessPaaS™ and gain rapid ROI by optimizing your business processes, such as:

  • Rapidly automate business-driven process applications in a fully provisioned environment that saves you time and money.
  • Align your customer-centric digital strategy with your business goals.
  • Build custom business applications, extend Software as a Service (SaaS) and integrate your on-premise infrastructure.
  • Deliver multichannel personalized experiences that increase worker productivity.

ProcessPaaS™ , a complete controls solution for all major business Processes, includes:

Financial Management
  • Replace error prone manual period-end check lists
  • Improve financial staff productivity with automated reconciliation
  • Resolve account variances before reporting financial results
Customer Management
  • Prevent risks and investigate recovery opportunities to improve revenue generation, margins and profitability
  • Continuous monitor controls such as credit limits across O2C business process
  • Ensure customer orders data quality and track key performance metrics
Procurement Management
  • Improve P2P Process Execution with automated Smart Controls
  • Reduce losses due to unintentional errors and fraudulent payments
  • Achieve cost savings by ensuring on valid and approved payments are processed
Human Capital Management
  • Monitor compliance with regional regulations and data protection polices such as GDPR and PII
  • Prevent violations of Time and Expense Policies
  • Ensure Human Capital Management is aligned with Strategic Organization Goals
Supply Chain Management
  • • Monitor Supply Chain Controls in ERP system to reduce inventory costs
  • • Prevent waste and losses in ordering, transportation, and materials movement
  • • Ensure accurate inventory levels based on usage patterns and operational needs