SafePaaS Partner Program

SafePaaS has a successful partner ecosystem. We are committed to our partner’s success. SafePaaS partners are an extension of our team. Whether you provide solutions, integrate with our application or deliver services, our partners are at the heart of our business. Audit firms, including the Big4 trust SafePaaS to ensure the effectiveness of ERP controls.

Why become a SafePaaS partner?

We connect the right people with the right technology at the right time to allow our clients to secure their business as well as address risk management, security and compliance challenges. Whether you use SafePaaS technology, implement SafePaaS or integrate with us, our partner program ensures you can differentiate your practice and grow a profitable business.

The SafePaaS Partner program includes the following:

  • Working with partners to identify new prospects to grow their business
  • Sales training on case studies, how to conduct demos, objection handling, and talking points
  • Product training on the platform functionality and features, support overview and support ticketing system
  • Implementation training which includes project plans , deliverables, resources, QA and issue management
  • Marketing opportunities such as webinars, white papers, and joint speaking engagements where partner,           customer, and SafePaaS success stories are shared.

  • Pre-sales support

  • Lead registration
  • Qualification to proceed
  • Assign pre-sales consultant
  • Proposed solution
  • Support material for RFP
  • Demo Support
  • Commercials and Pricing
  • Case Studies and references

  • Joint Marketing 

  • Webinars
  • Press release
  • Web site updates
  • Social Media
  • eBooks
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Joint events – roundtable, user groups, professional associations

  • Delivery Assurance

  • Project plan review
  • Deliverable templates
  • Product install provisioning
  • Configuration Services
  • Deployment support
  • Types of partners

    Audit partners

    Auditors are being asked to assess technology risks on corporate data and business. SafePaaS safeguards the digital enterprise by replacing the old audit method of reviewing control documentation and taking random samples – which are no longer effective.

    SafePaaS enables audit professionals to have an automated, complete and accurate way to assess risk in ERP systems to enable their clients prevent operational waste, regulatory penalties, and financial fraud. SafePaaS eliminates manual testing of ERP controls such as Segregation of Duties (SoD) that requires the analysis of thousands of available access points assigned to hundreds of ERP users which is not possible without audit analytics and a comprehensive controls catalog. With SafePaaS, audit firms can get accurate results of access policy violations such as SoD and Data Privacy within a few hours after selecting the access controls and taking the snapshot of ERP configuration in our cloud platform.

    General Referral

    Become part of a growing network of independent advisors. Benefit from leveraging the SafePaaS brand and platform whilst working independently.

    Enterprise Solution Provider

    As a technology partner, you will enable organizations to integrate their technology into the SafePaaS platform. SafePaaS also works with complementary technology vendors to develop and support integration and connectivity.

    Managed services  and Support

    As a SafePaaS implementation partner you will establish and grow your own practice focused on our joint customer deploy SafePaaS solutions. Gain delivery expertise and achieve the requirements to become a recognized partner with service delivery specialization. This recognition allows partners to distinguish their company’s growth focus and practice strength in SafePaaS and demonstrate trust around quality, track record, and shared customer success value. These partners may provide deployment services directly to SafePaaS customers.