SafePaaS Master Data

Authoritative Master Data across the enterprise

  • Ensure reliable mission critical data—customers, products, suppliers
  • Improve data governance with complete audit trail
  • Make informed, fact-based timely business decisions

SafePaaS Master Data Monitor enables you to mitigate financial and operational risks by ensuring accuracy, consistency and timeliness to data that is required by ERP systems to execute significant business processes. You can monitor the accuracy of master data against a trusted external source such and D&B (Dun & Bradstreed). You can also screen trading partners that are listed on any of a number of restricted party lists maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of Treasury, U.S. Customs Service, Defense Department and others.

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Identify Duplicate Records with Master Data Monitor

Data Monitor ensures the consistency of master data by identifying duplicate records that often occur in ERP systems simply because the user is not aware that existing record or uses a “workaround” the system controls by using a modifier on a record key to update key attributes such as supplier payment terms or payment currencies. You can also use the data monitor to test for data consistencies across business unites and business systems.

The Data Monitor can also help to maintain timeliness of master data updates where multiple people across business units or systems rely on data creation process by detecting the record update time stamps.

Master Dater Monitor for SafePaaS enables Auditors, Process Owners and IT Administrators:

  • Assess business process risks based on master data controls
  • Detect violations of master data governance policies
  • Mitigate risks of inaccurate, inconsistent and untimely data management