Partner Lead Registration Form

Please complete the below form to register a lead with SafePaaS. On completion of the form, our partner team will reach out to you directly to see how we can assist you with this opportunity. If you have any questions, please reach out to

You must be an existing partner to register a lead. If you are not an existing partner, please contact us beforehand. 

We will engage with you and NOT directly with your prospect. However, we will need details of the main contact because they are the end client.

Leads that have not converted to an opportunity within 90 days must be re-registered and re-qualified. This begins from date of submission. An extension may be requested in writing.


What happens after you register a lead?

You will be contacted by our Partner Team for a discussion to see how we can help you.

Will SafePaaS contact my registered lead?

SafePaaS will NOT contact your lead without your consent. However, we do need details of the contact as they are the end

When should you register a lead?

Register a lead early on to avoid channel conflicts.

Partners are a key part of the SafePaaS ecosystem and we fully understand the importance of transparency and detailed communication when it comes to working together.

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