Top 5 questions for successful ERP Cloud go live

Top 5 questions to ask your SI for a successful go live
Top 5 questions to ask your SI for a successful go live

ERP implementations often miss the mark on security and compliance. This is primarily due to a lack ofclear understanding of audit and compliance by the SIs.  In this session, we explore the top five most critical topics to discuss with your Systems Integrators and partners for a successful project. Systems Integrators and partners play a big role in helping organizations understand what a transition to the cloud will look like, and most customers understand that moving to the Cloud will be complex and challenging. However, implementations fail when auditors fail controls in a cloud implementation. Learn how embedding security and compliance at the beginning of a project allows you to remain current with the latest security practices and innovations, making your business not only more secure but more productive and agile.  

Top 5 topics to discuss for a successful and secure ERP Cloud go-live.

  • Role Design
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Provisioning
  • ITGC Automation
  • Application Change and Release Management