Stop Leakage with Advanced Transaction Analytics

Advanced Transaction Analytics
Advanced Transaction Analytics

We live in a digital universe where an increasing number of businesses are adopting enterprise cloud applications unleashing new waves of opportunity. However, the cloud also presents the biggest business threats challenging management to re-examine internal controls, information security, fraud protection, and data privacy. Management is suffering from “Audit Fatigue” as regulators worldwide impose stringent compliance requirements to ensure transparency and protect stakeholders.

Many organizations don’t have the advanced analytic capabilities required to arrange data and identify suspicious patterns and weaknesses – and if they do, they’re analysis is not fast enough to react appropriately. There’s too much data and not enough analytics!

Join our thought leaders Nicholas Stanoszek and Kara Smith, EY, and Adil Khan, SafePaaS on April 27 (on-demand to registrants) as they discuss how you can propel your business forward with actionable insight and optimized processes.

In this session, you’ll learn the following:

∙ How hidden bottlenecks, repetitions, and loopbacks in business processes can be tracked, exposed, and analyzed leading to increased efficiency.
∙ How to streamline operations by adopting industry-specific best practices.
∙ Gain actionable insight into processes for a timely response.