Mitigate Business Risks with Spreadsheet Controls

Control spreadsheet risk

Spreadsheet Risk

Spreadsheets offer a crucial business solution to a wide range of data management and reporting needs. Most business use spreadsheets to fill in the gaps in their business applications by extracting financial, operational and employee data, computing results and creating summary reports and charts for management to support decisions. However, the power and flexibility available to individual spreadsheet user can easily lead to enterprise-wide risks without effective data governance controls. This together with human fallibility, the complexity of managing large spreadsheets, mistakes in formulas, lack of audit trail make it difficult to control data access and leaves you exposed to potentially serious damage.


 According to a recent survey, 90 percent of spreadsheets contained errors – indicating inherent risk that is far too great for management to tolerate. In this session, we will demonstrate Data Governance best practices and how a data governance platform can mitigate spreadsheet risks by controlling spreadsheet data. You will learn to implement data governance policies that can reduce the financial misstatement risks of spreadsheets.


Business must acknowledge the risk that using spreadsheets presents. In this webinar, you will learn how to start mitigating the risk that using spreadsheets presents to protect your reputation and bottom-line. 

Speaker Bio

Adil Khan is CEO at SafePaaS with over 15 years of experience in enterprise business systems. Adil also serves on the board of the Oracle Applications Users Group Internal Controls and Security Interest Group (OAUG-ICSSIG). Adil has authored “Governance, Risk and Compliance Handbook for Oracle Applications”.
He has delivered over fifty presentations on GRC trends, best practices and case studies at many industry conferences including Gartner GRC Summit, IIA, ISACA, Collaborate, UKOUG and Oracle OpenWorld. Adil has successfully designed and implemented internal controls management systems for more than 15 global companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ.
His expertise includes streamlining and automating Governance Risk and Compliance processes based on industry standards such as ERM-COSO and CoBIT. Prior to joining SafePaaS, Adil served as the Chief Executive Officer and board member at Alternate Marketing Networks, Inc. a NASDAQ listed company...