Do you use NetSuite along with any other business-critical application?

Cross-application risk
Cross-application risk

Cross-Application Risk 

Cross-application risk

How is your organization addressing the complex challenges of monitoring and managing an integrated environment?

Let’s crank up your security with strategies that really work.

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One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is adjusting their risk assessment capabilities to meet the needs of a growing technology portfolio. As solutions evolve and are integrated with ERP, like NetSuite, organizations must adjust their risk management approach to include cross-system risks and manage across the environment.

If your organization is running NetSuite, along with other best-in-class applications to power your business, please join Altum Strategy Group’s Dan Miller and Matt Gantner along with SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan as they talk through pivotal questions our customers have raised around cross system, super user, and access management in an integrated environment.

As part of this 45 minute session, Dan, Matt, and Adil will discuss key approaches for developing strategies to address challenges facing cross-system access and an adjusted approach to SoD risk management in a highly integrated environment.