Mitigate risk with ITGC Automation

ITGC Automation
ITGC Automation

Technology and applications are part of almost every business process in the enterprise today. From the finance department to marketing, businesses depend on technology solutions to help them run. But technology doesn’t come without risks, and that’s where IT General Controls (ITGC) come into play.

The aim of this session is to help you understand:

· What are ITGCs and their role in risk mitigation
· How ITGCs relate to segregation of duties and sensitive access risk
· What is their purpose as they relate to ERP
· The significance of change management in responsibility and role definitions
· How to strengthen ITGCs
· The benefits of automation and the use of access control software
· Case Studies

Join our thought leaders Paul Haley and Adil Khan at 12 noon EST on December 14 as they discuss how to ensure security and effectively govern your business.