Is ERP fast becoming an extreme risk to privacy?

When first introduced, ERP solutions transformed businesses by enabling them with the ability to consolidate their business into a single system. However, this also the marked the beginning of something which at the time was not something industry experts were concerned about – Data Security.

While ERP systems certainly helped businesses to scale; they also consolidated all the risk and associated vulnerabilities as well. The complex nature of ERP systems also does not help when it comes to implementing data security solutions that require you to modify the application architecture.

Advanced Policy-based Access Controls that provide continuous monitoring of access policies in ERP together with data security solutions help organizations control access to sensitive data and ensure the meet stringent regulatory compliance without any disturbances to smooth functioning of the business.

Join veteran industry thought leaders Adil Khan, CEO at SafePaaS and Rajesh Parthasarathy, CEO at Mentis Inc. in this discussion to learn how to navigate this challenge.