How to streamline fragmented access

Streamline access in Oracle
Streamline access in Oracle

Learn how to streamline the user provisioning process in Oracle Applications with workflows that automate approvals and safeguard your business against Segregation of Duty violations, data breaches, fraud, and rising cyber security risks.

As the security risk is growing with the adoption of Cloud, hybrid work models, and unprecedented change, businesses are looking to streamline the provisioning process by consistently enforcing access policies, such as segregation of duties, and controlling sensitive business information to potential threats and vulnerabilities.

In this session, you will learn how to automate the entire process ensuring access governance across the enterprise. Join Bob as he shares techniques to automatically aggregate and correlate identity data, as well as streamline the user access certification enterprise-wide.

By regularly validating the appropriateness of 'user' access privileges, your organization can effectively meet audit and compliance requirements and improve its overall risk posture.


Our Speaker

Robert Enders

Robert Enders

VP Solution Specialist

Robert Enders, is an accomplished business systems
professional who has spent over 30 years in the software industry helping public and
private sector organizations improve business operations and controls through technology
solutions. Over eight years of experience designing and deploying GRC related controls
for over 30 companies to support their audit, controls framework and application security
requirements. Bob has led the development and delivery of business systems that have
provided significant operational efficiencies which have transformed and impacted the
effectiveness of numerous organizations.