How to prepare your ERP for UK SOX

Prepare ERP for UK SOX

This panel discussion brings together esteemed risk management experts to explore and discuss how to prepare your ERP for UK SOX offering you a glimpse of what needs to be done based on US SOX lessons learned.

With the UK government having issued the white paper ‘Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance” on March 18, 2021, companies must now start to plan for what lies ahead in terms of a UK version of SOX by preparing their ERP.

Our thought leaders will be discussing:

• Learnings from US SOX – likely impact of UK SOX on Internal Controls reporting requirements
• How these Internal Controls reporting requirements are likely to impact on your ERP
• Activities you could be performing now to confirm whether your ERP and its supporting processes are ready for UK SOX
• Further considerations where the ERP alone may need supplementing with Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions

Join our panel live on May 12 at 1 pm BST (on-demand option to registrants)

Our panelists:

Nigel King, CEO of Software Strategy Tools and Consulting, former VP at Oracle brought the first of the GRC products that were part of an ERP platform to market for Oracle.

Matt Luscombe, CEO of Systems Risk Services, a company focused on helping clients improve their Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud and E-Business Suite controls. Based in the UK, Matt has led more than 200 ERP Risk and Controls projects, both as an implementer and an auditor, including helping numerous organizations to meet their US SOX reporting requirements.
Adil Khan, SafePaaS CEO founded the successful FulcrumWay, one of the first adopters of GRC technology after the passing of Sarbanes Oxley in 2002 in the US. He has helped many global publicly-listed fortune 500 organizations and non-public organizations be successful in meeting governance, risk, and compliance requirements using GRC technology.