Efficiently assess Segregation of Duties risks in your ERP

Segregation of Duties in ERP
Segregation of duties ERP


Many organizations moving to cloud-based applications to accelerate growth often leave security and compliance out of the equation. Even with the security and controls features modern ERP solutions offers, segregation of duties remains a key risk in today’s high-velocity environments. Navigating the complexities of ERP is a challenge without the right tools in place to mitigate risk yet stay compliant to make your compliance initiatives successful.

The panel will discuss how the modern ERP solution architecture impacts control and design, the challenges customers face to prepare for audit, how to identify segregation of duties risk and identify gaps in your security as well as how to maintain a clean environment going forward.

Join this discussion and discover:

 How to uncover hidden risk in your system by performing a quick and reliable assessment of your internal controls.

The Panel

Matt Gantner - Managing Director Altum Strategy Group

Matthew has over 15 years of experience helping organizations develop and implement results focused solutions. His approach is to assess organizational challenges or initiatives by taking a holistic approach across people, process, and technology. As a result, he is able to assist organizations with the development   of a pragmatic program that is executable and measurable. Matthew has been a recognized leader in the enterprise application, governance, risk, and compliance, access management, business operations and  transformation, and strategy space. He has worked with startups to Fortune 100 organizations and has extensive experience working with multi-national initiatives.

Daniel Miller - Director Altum Strategy Group

Dan is a strategic advisor within the Altum Strategy Group. Dan has 15 years of experience concentrated in developing IT infrastructure, business applications, support, processes, standardization and compliance strategies. Dan’s experience in the business applications area includes hands on experience, as well as leading both support and delivery teams to meet key deadlines and deliver results. He has led project teams in the software selection, process implementation and other large implementations across multiple industries.  

Scott Elequin - CRO SafePaaS

Scott Elequin is the Chief Revenue Officer at SafePaaS and has worked with enterprise business systems for over 25 years.  He has done ERP consulting services with “Big 4” consulting firms, Oracle Consulting as well as serving as the CEO of a top-ranked Oracle consulting firm that was acquired in 2019. This firm provided implementation, optimization, and integration services for over 200 customers across the US and worldwide. His passion is helping customers solve complex business problems and helping them get more value out of their software and systems.