Access Controls in Higher Education

Access Controls Higher Ed
Access Controls Higher Ed

Don't be next!

An administrator for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Yale University recently pled guilty to defrauding the university of $40 million. And statistics from the last two years tell us that fraud cases are on the rise.

Higher Ed institutions are under increasing pressure to ensure they are not next.

For Yale, a $40million loss is taken right off their bottom line. And what’s more, it could have been prevented. That’s not to say that prevention is easy. Enforcing Internal Controls over Financial Transaction Processing and Risk management, especially in large institutions, is complex and requires dedicated teams and solutions to prevent it.

Join our thought leaders Mastek's Jeffrey Admonius and SafePaaS' CEO Adil Khan as they discuss how building an ecosystem of effective internal business process controls provides a solid foundation for managing and controlling risk and how technology plays a key role in safeguarding you moving forward.


How to build an effective framework of internal controls

How controls can help not only mitigate risk but propel you forward

What steps can be taken to prevent risk

How Access Control solutions can help

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