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CISOs Guide to Enterprise Application Access Governance

For IT teams, security is one of the fastest-evolving and most complex areas in any organisation, Chief Information Security Officers play an important role in the resolution of application access governance issues.

Our Enterprise Application Access Governance guide for CISOs aims to equip Chief Information Security Officers with the understanding that taking a risk-based approach to application access governance is paramount in mitigating security, operational and business risks created by the inherent power of privileges granted to enterprise application users.

User Provisioning remains a number one challenge for CISOs. Controlling who is granted access to which applications and what that user is doing once inside the application is becoming increasingly more challenging as organisations adopt cloud-based applications and a proliferation of devices.

This e book covers:

  • What the top user provisioning challenges associated with traditional access management are.
  • Why CISOs and risk management leaders should adopt a risk-based approach for application access governance.
  • Why the integration of fine-grained application access controls in the IDM and ITSM systems should be considered.
  • What criteria should be considered in IGA platform selection.

Making a poor decision and choosing the wrong IGA platform for your organisation leaves you at heightened risk and vulnerable to security threats.

Choosing the right Identity Governance and Administration platform for your organisation empowers your business for years to come and at the same time enhances your security for a “safe” enterprise.

Solve user provisioning challenges today by reading our CISOs guide to Enterprise Application Access Governance
Enterprise Application Access Governance