Optimize all your content management lifecycle with secure access from any device

  • Control file and folder view or edit with access rules for users.
  • Improve productivity with full text search of records and document
  • Timely respond to content requests from management and auditors

You can quickly filter through thousands of records to find what you need. You can search full text of records and documents, including Word, PDF, PPT attachments. Filter the results by any taxonomy field that is enabled such as location, department, process, etc. Get started by simply dragging files from your computer and dropping them into any accessible folder in Document PaaS. You can also drag and drop from one folder to another just as in the Windows file manager.
Open a document directly in Microsoft Office, and save it back to DocumentPaaS as a new version. No need to download and re-upload. Upload a new version of any document. Previous versions are saved and can be opened and restored at any time.
Improve collaboration by assigning a task to one or many users, track deadlines. Link tasks to cases, documents or any other record in the system.