DataProbeETL™ - Data Discovery to identify risk

Assess Access, Transaction and Configuration Risks in your Business

DataProbeETL™ is data discovery tool that enables you to assess the integrity of enterprise data by testing all direct access to enterprise data. With the DataProbeETL™, you can identify unauthorized access and changes to the data stored in ERP systems, data warehouses, document management repositories as well as cloud applications such as Oracle Fusion, Salesforce and Workday.

You can use DataProbeETL™ to identify data access from ERP systems as well as direct access from applications such as TOAD, Microsoft Excel, DB Links, JDBC, ODBC or other direct connections to the database that bypass any monitoring controls.

That’s where SafePaaS DataProbeETL™ can help

Benefits of DataProbeETL™ include:

Identity unauthorized data access from ERP systems and direct access tools

Detect misconfigurations in ERP systems, and inconsistencies in master data

Discover transactional errors and bottlenecks based on patterns and exceptions

Application Access Governance

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Access Management Ebook

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