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Multi-billion-dollar global retailer turns data into actionable analytics

Customer Profile

If you've ever bought athletic shoes, chances are you're familiar with this customer's products. The customer is a multibillion-dollar global leader in the footwear industry headquartered in Southern California. The customer has been developing comfort technologies for the last 30 years. They offer a diverse footwear range of apparel and accessories and are a complete lifestyle brand.

International sales represent over half of the customer's total sales. They have products available in more than 180 countries and significant opportunities for continued expansion worldwide. They also sell collections direct to consumers through more than 4,300 physical locations around the globe on e-commerce sites and a network of third-party partners.


The customer was seeking new ways to transform their rapidly growing data into insights that could help them to mitigate risks and unlock new opportunities. However, using their traditional reporting tools to spot unusual patterns in large data sets was becoming too complicated. One of our customer's biggest challenges was competing against huge organizations with highly digitalized platforms like Amazon. To meet the demands of the industry, the customer needed the ability to take their data and put it in a useable format. The customer required the ability to perform audits and assessments on their various sales channels and their global supply chain and manufacturing process.

The customer manages a very complex global supply chain to manufacture their products. They came to SafePaaS to help them:

  • Manage supplier relationships
  • Oversee subcontractor contracts
  • Recover disputes timely and accurately
  • Design pricing models around wholesale vs. retail
  • Highlight the impact of promotional campaigns on sales, and 
  • Show the impact of freight costs on their profit margins

SafePaaS Solutions

The customer selected SafePaaS SafeInsight™ to provide them with actionable analytics. SafeInsight is a powerful solution that enabled the customer to pull complex data from numerous systems, using DataProbeETL™, to turn disparate data into meaningful insights. Using SafeInsight™ gave the customer's leadership team the capabilities they needed to drive better outcomes. The customer did this by harnessing the power of SafeInsight™ to produce:

Accounts Payable Audits: The customer can now track all their claims closely and prevent future losses by catching them earlier. They improved vendor relationships by submitting only verified high-quality claims, resulting in less work, more accurate, and more profitable results.

Merchandise Audits: The customer can detect merchandising errors early by finding the facts as close to the transaction. This helps the company reduce operating expenses through recoveries.

Vendor Risk Assessments:  The customer can perform a comprehensive vendor risk analysis to analyze all available data for optimal results. They can also research various potential vendor risks – from fraud and conflicts of interest to lapsed business licenses and liability concerns. 

Freight Audits: The customer can safeguard freight-related disbursements by identifying payment errors and analyzing whether vendors and carriers have complied with their shipping guidelines.

Media Audits: Agency and media invoices now match up. The customer can identify duplicates and overpayments, review contracts, media plans, insertion orders, print orders, and billing statements, and accurately determine whether there have been mistakes and under-achieving performance. 

Contract Compliance: The customer can perform an in-depth review of contract compliance combined with automated techniques for focused strategic buyer discussions. They can identify the causes behind overpayments and develop customized prevention techniques for minimizing future exposure.

Business Justification

  • Reduce transaction errors and misuse 
  • Improve top-line revenue recognition, and 
  • Ensure compliance with policies

SafePaaS SafeInsight™ gave the customer the ability to analyze large data sets and turn them into a roadmap for better decision-making and improved financial performance. 

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