MonitorPaaS™ - Continuous Controls Monitoring Solution

Business Information Monitoring Platform

SafePaaS Continuous Controls Monitoring solution MonitorPaaS™ enables your organisation to continuously monitor business activities within your enterprise applications to ensure that operating, financial and compliance objectives are met.

Today more than ever, organizations need to transform risk management practices from manual controls to automated fine-grained controls that monitor business activities enabled by enterprise applications. We live a digital universe where an increasing number of people are connected to enterprise applications online and multiple devices connected to the internet are unleashing new waves of opportunities.

Manual controls are ineffective without timely visibility into control violations that occur in daily business activities within enterprise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, SAP and Workday. The bottom line is that if any of the key controls in your enterprise application fail to operate, there will be an impact on the business.

That’s where SafePaaS MonitorPaaS™ can help

MonitorPaaS™ includes:

Transaction Monitoring

Configuration Monitoring

Master Data Monitoring

Data Protection Monitoring

Application Life Cycle Monitoring

Benefits of MonitorPaaS™ include:

  • Complete visibility into business processes
  • Granular level of risk mitigation
  • Detect and Prevent Internal Control Violations
  • Flexible Controls monitoring solution that helps mitigate IT application operational and transactional risks
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy policies 

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