Segregation of Duties Insight for Oracle EBS and ERP Cloud

Segregation of Duties Insight

The SafePaaS SoD Insight is designed to quickly and reliably help customers identify segregation of duties risk in their Oracle E-Business Suite  and ERP Cloud environments. This automated healthcheck makes it easy to isolate and analyse these risks so that clients can build a remediation plan to address areas of concern. SafePaaS leverages the SafePaaS Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform to provide a deep personalized analysis which is tailored to the needs of the client and includes:

How it works

(Day 1) Our team receives a secure snapshot of the client’s application security model and loads into the SafePaaS Cloud ERM platform. SafePaaS experts then review the client data and then categorize risk areas based on three different dimensions:

Segregation of Duties Analysis – Is there a Segregation of Duties Conflict? Leverages a comprehensive proprietary controls catalog of over 1,000 rules which automatically detect roles and responsibilities with inherent violations, based on SOX mandates. These exhaustive controls have been used for over ten years in over 800 customer environments.

Policy Analysis – How Significant is this Conflict? These SoD results are then evaluated using the SafePaaS™ Policy Manager to rate violations based on frequency, severity and overall risk profile. This allows the customer to separate high-impact, high-frequency risk from those that are immaterial or unlikely. These risks are then organized and prioritized based on their impact on the business.

Exclusions – What Conflicts Should be Excluded? (Day 3) Next, we meet with the client to review the initial findings and to identify potential false positives or process-driven exclusions. These exclusions are areas which are technically violations of SOX rules, but for the purpose of Audit and Risk remediation, should be eliminated from the analysis.

The SafePaaS team will then configure the software to exclude these items and then produce the final report.

Formal Deliverable

(Day 5) SafePaaS will generate the dashboards, analytics, and create a tailored deliverable and action plan for each client. SafePaaS will provide a SOX expert with deep SafePaaS knowledge to deliver the findings and make recommendations on remediation as well as how to minimize risk in the future.


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