SafePaaS SOD SCANNER™ for Segregation of Duties (SOD) Risk Assessment.

SOD Scsnner

What is SOD SCANNER for Segregation of Duties?

SOD SCANNER™, a low-cost solution to rapidly assess segregation of duties risk within Oracle E-Business Suite, J D Edwards, PeopleSoft and Oracle ERP Cloud.

What does it do?

SOD SCANNER produces test results in just minutes by utilizing the SafePaaS comprehensive risk repository, which includes one of the largest collection of SoD Rules, also used by major audit firms. Simply run the SOD SCANNER against your enterprise applications to detect all violations for the selected rules to identify hidden SoD conflicts. View results using advanced analytics that eliminate False Positives and accelerates the remediation process. Accurate control evidence collected by SOD SCANNER can be shared with process owners, application managers, IS Security and auditors.

Segregation of Duties for Oracle E-Business Suite

How does it work for Segregation of Duties?

No software, hardware, installation or configuration is needed for SOD SCANNER. You get immediate access to SoD Rules for your enterprise application. Upload a snapshot for your application security model using DataProbe™, the SafePaaS ERP Snapshot tool, to get the job done without costly software, hardware or technical resources.

“All major audit firms are now testing SoD controls and holding executives accountable for successful risk remediation, in response to the to control-driven regulations worldwide”, said Jane Jones, Global Channels Director Q at SafePaaS. Adding, “SoD is a basic internal control that ensure no single individual has the authority to execute two or more conflicting sensitive transactions with the potential to impact financial statements. However, without comprehensive SoD polices and advanced analytics that detect violations across thousands of application access points, SoD control implementation, testing, remediation and mitigation can be extremely difficult to achieve”