Mazars and SafePaaS announce a strategic alliance to meet the growing need to audit ERP Access and Process controls.

Mazars and SafePaaS


Dallas, USA – April 9th 2019 SafePaaS, the Leader in Information Risk Management, controls management platform-as-a-service, today announced a new strategic alliance with Mazars, an independent firm, specializing in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services with 23,000 professionals based in the 89 countries and territories.  Under the alliance agreement, Mazars has licensed SafePaaS platform to offer a wide range of audit analytics and advanced control implementation services to its clients that run their business on ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite and Cloud ERP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Workday as well as many other enterprise applications supported by SafePaaS.

The global economic environment has become extremely complex, where risk can be rapidly heightened or diminished depending on geographical factors.  Technology trends such as cloud computing, big data, social media, and mobility solutions are transforming business into a “digital enterprise” that is more connected, and data driven than ever. At the same time, internal and external risks and threats to business information are growing exponentially, and organizations are under increasing pressure to stay competitive, compliant with new regulations, and protected. Auditors are being asked to assess technology risks such as cyberattacks on corporate data and business. Financial and reputational consequences of non-compliance with regulations is significant. However, the regulation standards are continuously being revised. SafePaaS safeguards the digital enterprise by replacing the old audit method of reviewing control documentation and taking random samples – which are no longer effective.

“Audit professionals have been seeking automated, complete and accurate ways to assess risk in ERP Systems to enables their clients prevent operational waste, regulatory penalties, and financial fraud”, said Jane Jones, Director of Global Sales Channels and Alliances at SafePaaS and a ten-year GRC industry veteran. She added “Manual testing of ERP controls such as segregation of duties (SOD) that requires analysis of thousands of available access points assigned to hundreds of ERP users is not possible without audit analytics and a comprehensive controls catalog. With SafePaaS, our partners can get accurate results of access policy violations such as SOD and Data Privacy within a few hours after selecting the access controls and taking the snapshot of ERP configuration in our cloud platform.   We look forward to enabling Mazars teams around the world to service their client with on-going support and services that are available to our partners around the clock.”

“We are excited about this partnership which now enables our clients to instantly access a comprehensive GRC platform to reduce business risks.  With the SafePaaS platform for Governance, Risk and Compliance, our clients will be able to transform their audits beyond sample-based testing to intelligent analysis of all evidence across data-sources.  We will take advantage of the latest SafePaaS technology and best practices to produce audit evidence, draw audit conclusions and derive meaningful business insights. …” Said Enrique Romero, Partner for Mazars.

Mazars will leverage the SafePaaS platform to enable effective access controls and protect sensitive business information, while quickly identifying and mitigating potential security risks. Mazars clients will be able to identify and prevent access policy violations, such as segregation-of-duty conflicts, that may be present in all ERP application security model.  Mazars will also be able to help clients transform risk management practices from manual controls to automated fine-grained controls that monitor business activities enabled by enterprise applications.  SafePaaS can prevent business losses through continuously auditing the controls in enterprise applications that enable business processes such as Record-to-Report, Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Hire-to-Retire, etc.

SafePaaS is a leading provider of enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Controls Platform-as-a-Service that help organizations seize strategic opportunities by lowering business risks. SafePaaS GRC solutions include Audit, Risk and Compliance Management, Access Governance, Continuous Controls Monitoring, Process Controls Management, and Predictive Analytics for all major ERP systems including Oracle E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud, J D Edwards, Peoplesoft, SAP, Workday, as well as Microsoft Dynamix.  SafePaaS is a privately held corporation, serving clients in North America with a regional presence in California, New York, and Texas, as well as clients in South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia with an international presence through a partner network and technology solution center in India.

Mazars is an international, integrated and independent firm, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. As of 1 January 2019, Mazars and its correspondents operate throughout 104 countries and territories, of which 89 are part of Mazars’ international integrated partnership and 15 are Mazars correspondent firms and representative offices. The Praxity Alliance offers Mazars operating capacity via professional teams in 18 additional countries.

Mazars draws upon the expertise of 23,000 professionals and 1,040 partners, working from 310 offices worldwide, to assist major international groups, SMEs, private investors and public bodies at every stage in their development.

Mazars in Mexico headquarters is located in Mexico City and they have regional presence in Guadalajara, Mexicali, Monterrey, Puebla, Querétaro, San Luis Potosi, Toluca, Villahermosa, enabling them to service clients in all key regions of the Mexican economy.

They have over 360 professional staff led by a partner team that takes direct responsibility for providing excellent service to our clients. As part of the single global Mazars partnership, their partners also have direct access to a worldwide group of expert colleagues.