Extend Access Governance for SAP

Access Governance for SAP
Extend Access Governance For SAP

Strategic partnership to address SAP access governance challenges

Dallas, Texas, March 8, 2023, SafePaaS and Incresol launch strategic partnership to address the complex challenges of access governance and seamless integration deliverability for SAP customers.

SafePaaS, the leading provider of Enterprise Access Governance today announced its alliance with Incresol, one of the fastest-growing IT consulting and solution providers offering an arena of services for SAP customers to effectively govern access across their hybrid system landscapes. As organizations adopt multi-cloud strategies and SAP S4/HANA becomes the core of digital transformation, the challenge of governing sensitive data whilst maintaining compliance with ever-evolving regulations and security threats is a challenge.

The collaboration between the two companies brings together unparalleled access governance solutions and automations to provide SAP customers with the control coverage they need to address security gaps and extend governance across the entire SAP landscape and beyond.

Nalini Kumar, Founder of Incresol says, “Complex systems, such as SAP, necessitate a closely integrated GRC solution that may aid in the establishment of preventative measures and simplify the audit process. SAP SafePaaS Addon will provide this flexibility to SAP clients while keeping costs and deployment durations to a minimum.”

Jane Jones, Global Alliance Director adds, “As the business world becomes increasingly digital, there is an increased focus on technology. Organizations need centralized access governance solutions that extend the capabilities of SAP GRC to address fragmented technologies and growing access audit scrutiny by auditors."

As customers migrate to S4/HANA and adopt multi-cloud platforms to manage their business on SAP, access governance challenges become more complex. This partnership will provide SAP customers with a cloud-based approach to access governance with native integration and the flexibility to adapt to business demands whilst mitigating risk and maintaining compliance.

This partnership will not only allow SAP customers to maintain fine-grained risk management and control over identity access, enforce consistent access policies across the SAP landscape, embed preventative controls to mitigate risk in the user provisioning process, and streamline access certification by integrating access change requests with provisioning systems such as ITSM, IAM… but remove the complexity of integration to meet business goals and achieve long-term success.

For more information and to learn more, please contact SafePaaS or Incresol.