Advanced Audit Analytics for Digital Platforms

Advanced audit analytics

Advanced Audit Analytics for Digital Platforms

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 21, 2023, SafePaaS, the leading Policy-based Access Governance platform and a sponsor of the GRC 2023 Conference announces its advanced audit analytics capabilities for internal, external, and IT auditors to ensure timely, complete, and accurate audits of modern information systems.

The auditing profession is undergoing a transformative shift due to technology and the real-time economy. Auditors must adopt digital tools and leverage cloud-based auditing technologies to keep pace. Auditors must enhance their capabilities to effectively audit modern digital platforms. Businesses are adopting new technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation that require new and advanced audit analytics. Auditors can now take advantage of advanced analytics to enhance audit quality by providing real-time data contributing to effective control testing.

And with the proposed sets of amendments issued by the PCAOB in June of this year, auditors require advanced audit analytics to keep up with technology and the increasing pressure and scrutiny from the PCAOB. Auditors are expected to examine client data at a complex and granular level for control testing.

The advanced audit analytics provided by SafePaaS incorporate robust data analytics features that empower internal, external, IT audit, and compliance teams to enhance productivity, ensure quality, and effectively audit digital enterprises, providing accurate insights and value-added recommendations to their customers.

Today, major audit firms and corporate auditors are using SafePaaS analytics to ensure effective access and process controls to assess the overall risk of financial misstatement, fraud, and cyber attacks. For example, auditors using SafePaaS can identify security risks in access requests approved in the provisioning systems vs. the access granted in the business applications. They can also detect policy violations for data governance, financial disclosure, supply chain management, and human capital management systems.

Bob Enders, VP of Audit Solutions at SafePaaS says, “Audit analytics plays a vital role in digital audits by enabling auditors to effectively analyze and extract insights from large volumes of data. With a dedicated platform like SafePaaS, auditors can facilitate collaboration, providing a shared space for governance and visibility.”

“We recognize the burden and pressure placed on customers by auditors to demonstrate the operating effectiveness of internal controls,” says Jeff Hare of ERP Risk Advisors, a leading Risk Consulting firm. Jeff adds, “SafePaaS continually enhances the audit analytics capabilities to address the growing need for testing ITGC and ITAC controls as PCAOB releases guidelines to audit firms.”

SafePaaS is the policy-based access governance platform that automatically detects and prevents access risks, security incidents, and audit findings across the entire enterprise in one single platform. Built from the ground up, our organic, agile cloud platform allows organizations to adopt and extend identity security and access governance solutions efficiently and effectively when required. SafePaaS supports any enterprise application, any cloud infrastructure, and any IAM or ITSM system for complete governance. Policies sit at the center of our platform architecture delivering immediate value without the complexity of role-based IGA solutions.

Media Relations: Emma Kelly 

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