Access Governance and GRC Management

GRC and Access Governance
Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership: To facilitate the integration between GRC Management and Access Governance

Strategic Partnership to facilitate the integration between GRC Management and Access Governance to meet the needs of the modern, digital enterprise.

Dallas, Texas, July 27, 2023, SafePaaS and CoreStream launch a strategic partnership to address the complex challenge of aligning Access Governance and GRC Management for a 360° view of risk across the enterprise.

SafePaaS, the leading provider of Enterprise Policy-based Access Governance today announced its alliance with CoreStream, a provider of market-leading, next-generation GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) / Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Management solutions.

As organizations embrace best-of-breed digital business platforms and multi-cloud strategies, the challenge of governing access whilst maintaining compliance with ever-evolving, more stringent privacy regulations and cyber security threats becomes increasingly more challenging.

The collaboration between the two companies brings together innovative, next-generation access controls automation and GRC management solutions. Customers can now automate their GRC access controls and policies documented in CoreStream, within SafePaaS. They will benefit from real-time control results feedback, set in the context of the wider company risk and control universe. Bringing this data into one place will help our customers prevent cyber threats, financial misstatement risks, misuse, and data breaches.

“Organizations need to demonstrate their oversight responsibilities and have control of who has access to all of their data and that of their suppliers and customers. Now more than ever, society wants to know that organizations are acting with integrity,” said Paul Cadwallader, SVP of Business Development at CoreStream.  “By partnering with SafePaaS, our clients will have access to market-leading Access Governance software capability to help them manage the access GRC element of GRC.”

Jane Jones, Global Alliance Director adds, “By partnering with CoreStream customers can streamline all their GRC management processes beyond Access Governance. Access Governance plays a key role in activating and automating GRC management in an organization. It allows enterprises to maintain security, meet compliance requirements, manage risks, control and monitor data and resources efficiently, and more importantly establish accountability.

As organizations transform their business and operating models through digital transformation and adopt cloud technologies, a zero-trust framework is needed to safeguard digital environments. This partnership will provide customers with an integrated approach to GRC Management and Access Governance that will drive standardization, automation, and efficiency as well as allow for agile, holistic management of risk across the organization.

This partnership will not only allow organizations to join governance efforts, that are a challenge for managing risk and demonstrating compliance, but move from a siloed organization where inefficiencies persist to an organization where collaboration triumphs to meet business goals and achieve long-term success.

For more information and to learn more, please contact Emma Kelly at SafePaaS or Paul Cadwallader at CoreStream.