​​​​Making auditing easy – address your audit headaches with SafePaaS

Simplify your work with SafePaaS

  • Are you an auditor who needs fast and easy insight and analytics into business applications?
  • Do you need to test for where things maybe have been modified, deleted and by whom within ERP systems?
  • Do you need a quick and efficient way of organising data and understanding reports from systems?
  • Do you need to automate SOX testing by using sophisticated, analytics-based risk assessments to facilitate testing? 

An organisation’s ERP system contains highly sensitive data. Businesses and organisations face tough challenges when it comes to securing and protecting their most valuable assets.

As an auditor, you’ll be aware that segregation of duties is an effective way of preventing internal fraud however, many companies don’t have the necessary tools in place to detect suspicious activity, segregation of duties violations and secure their systems from internal threats.

That’s where AccessPaaS comes in to action. SafePaaS developed AccessPaaS with audit needs in mind. Developed by the most knowledgeable auditors in the field for auditors like you. AccessPaaS allows for the detection, prevention and remediation of segregation of duties violations using a fast and efficient approach giving you instant insight into what matters most.

Do you need improved insight into user access and see who is accessing what and when? AccessPaaS is the complete access management solution that includes a pre-configured security model for all major ERP systems including Oracle EBS, SAP, PeopleSoft, J D Edwards, Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics.

Our 23-page ebook written by SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan shares insight and best practices for testing segregation of duties, how to identify security risks associated with user access and how to mitigate risks with improved access controls. Learn how to protect your reputation and business by securing ERP Application Access. Employee access requirements create vulnerabilities that raise the potential for legal and financial liability.

Business Application Access is becoming more of a concern due to the increased risk from providing ERP users capabilities or functionality that may be in conflict with the organizations’ access policies. With this in mind SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan has written this comprehensive ebook outlining some of the major considerations in establishing and managing user application access.