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Access Certification
Next generation risk management for EBS

Access Certification with fine-grained capabilities

With thousands of users distributed across business units, access certification is a challenge. Organizations need scalable solutions that automate the whole process. When evaluating solutions, segregation of duties capabilities are a must to ensure compliance.

Performing access certification manually is time-consuming and costly. By automating the process, organizations ensure compliance with the ever-evolving regulatory landscapes both today and in the future with segregation of duties policies and reduce security risk. It augments accuracy and allows for visibility into what users and doing on which set of data.

Who has access to what, when?

Who approved those access privileges?

Are the access rights in line with policy?

SafePaaS Enterprise Access Certification Manager™ is a comprehensive solution for automating every aspect of the access certification process at a fine-grained level. It is specifically designed to be easily integrated with Identity Management and IT Service Management solutions such as SailPoint, Okta and ServiceNow.

It has comprehensive capabilities that allow organizations to automate manual compliance processes relating to access certification and access policy enforcement. It has cross-application capabilities allowing for the integration of all major ERP systems as well as industry vertical solutions.

SafePaaS Enterprise Access Certification Manager™ automates the identification of existing and potential policy violations in critical compliance areas such as segregation of duties and unauthorized access.

The reporting capabilities ensure businesses can provide assurance to management, stakeholders and external auditors.

Our ETL capabilities can collect data from any enterprise resource reducing time, cost and complexity when implementing the platform.

Access Monitor™ is part of a complete suite of solutions to protect organizations at the core. SafePaaS, built from the ground up, is engineered to seamlessly integrate with any application for a complete audit, risk and compliance solution.

SafePaaS doesn’t just provide the software, our team of renowned experts provide professional services to provide real outcomes for our customers.

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