Effective Controls in your ERP System with Access Monitor

Access Monitor

SafePaaS Access Monitor

Maintain effective controls over information access

  • Prevent Unauthorized Systems Access
  • Automate User Access Privileges
  • Identify Policy conflicts before the Roles are assigned to Users

The SafePaaS User Access Review and Verification service enables you to assure external auditors that your access controls are designed correctly and operate effectively. Save hundreds of hours on manual reviews of access privileges within your ERP systems. Successfully implement your Periodic User Access Review and Verification processes in just one week.

Access Monitor enables Security and IT teams to:

  • Automate manual access review processes
  • Ensure there are no unauthorized users
  • Detect and prevent disallowed access attempts

The SafePaaS User Access Review and Verification service automates your Quarterly User Access Review and Verification process with notifications to each department manager, application owner and process owner to review active users and privileges assigned to those users. Our service enables you to detect and prevent any unauthorized user access rights and quickly correct any conflicts. A compressive report of the review and verification process is generated as evidence to support the effectiveness of your user access controls.