At SafePaaS we understand that the goals of risk management, compliance, and governance are the same.

Our mission is to help organisations safeguard important business information by taking a holistic and integrated approach to risk.

SafePaaS is an easy-to-use, integrated risk management platform that allows organisations to build their own information security roadmap using our governance, risk and controls solutions.

SafePaaS is a single, cloud-based complete information risk platform encompassing all the necessary modules for a complete solution to your governance, risk and compliance worries.

Our platform was built by GRC experts for oranisations like yours looking to identify, manage and prevent risk in business-critical applications. We don’t only identify risk but we manage that risk giving you piece of mind that your applications are protected.

Our platform includes:

AccessPaaS™ is a complete access management solution that includes:

  • Segregation of Duties Policy Management
  • Roles Manager for roles-based access controls
  • Self-Service Identity-based access provisioning
  • Periodic User Certification
  • FireFighter ID for emergency access
  • Fine-Grained Identity Management

MonitorPaaS™ is a complete Continuous Controls Monitoring solution that includes:

  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Configuration Monitoring
  • Master Data Monitoring
  • Data Protection Monitoring
  • Application Life Cycle Monitoring

ProcessPaaS™ is a complete controls solution for all major business processes that includes:

  • Financial Close Management
  • Customer Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Capital Management

ARCPaaS™ is our Audit, Risk and Compliance solution that includes:

Audit Analytics

Enterprise Risk Management

Streamline compliance

SafeInsight™ allows you to discover patterns in all types of structured and unstructured enterprise data, and use this insight to improve bottom line,

DataProbe™ is a data discovery tool that enables you to assess the integrity of enterprise data by testing all direct access to enterprise data.

Discover why a growing number of organisations are using to SafePaaS to protect their business-critical applications.