Gain valuable insight to mitigate disruptive risks with AI-Enabled Audit Analytics

Technological innovation is challenging business models that have been the industry standard. You are being asked to assess technology risks as corporate data is growing exponentially and business pace is accelerating rapidly. Financial and reputational consequences of non-compliance with regulations is significant. However, the regulation standards are continuously being revised. In addition, disclosure of non-financial information beyond the traditional annual report is becoming critical.

Join SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan and learn how AI enabled analytics can increase speed and efficiency, while adding more value to the audit process. We will share client case studies and best practices such as:

  • Transform audit management to a data-driven service by shifting repetitive tasks to intelligent audit bots that can free up time and eliminate errors.
  • Replace time consuming audit scripts with business objects based on metadata that represent complex data-structures of enterprise applications to prevent losses such as "duplicate payments" within minutes.
  • Detect hidden risk in data such as "Similar Suppliers" using fuzzy rules where such errors slip through discrete logic
  • Substitute ineffective sampling methodology with non-linear pattern recognition in large data sets in real time and at scale to identify complex risk events such "manual journal entrees created and approved by the same user in the current fiscal year"
  • Reduce risk exposure window by enabling closed loop issue / remediation workflow with event driven escalation hierarchy
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