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Combat Fraud with Real Time Data Driven Analytics

Annual fraud losses have surpassed three trillion US dollars worldwide, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). In many organizations, fraud teams are being challenged to grow beyond transaction governance and compliance, to address cybercrime throughonline channels, including social media, to monitor unreliable, unverified information. That’s where real time data analytics can come into play to combat fraud.In this session, Chief Internal Audit Executive, Risk Management Professional, CFE Prashant Naik and SafePaaS CEO, Adil Khan discuss how security and risk management leaders are taking an increasingly active role in leading organizational fraud detection and prevention activity by implementing robust anti fraud governance frameworks, building anti fraud culture and through analytics hub to leverage data across vertical silos to monitor suspicious activity such as user authentication and identity proofing.

Attendees will come away with knowledge of how advanced analytics is combating fraud in real time as the sophistication of attacks continues to evolve with rapidly growing online transactions and interactions over modern business channels such as cloud and mobile.Our agenda will follow:

Fraud in the Age of Cybercrime

Fraud Risk Management Best Practices

SafePaaS Data Driven Decisions

Case Study

Q & A