Audit Training Series: Elevate Your Access Control Expertise!

Are you an auditor striving to enhance your skills and expertise in access control testing? 

Look no further! In collaboration with ERP Risk Advisors, SafePaaS is thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to our on-demand webinar series:

How to Effectively Test Access Controls with Access Control Software:

Our comprehensive 6-part training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and technical understanding necessary to excel in Oracle ERP Cloud access control auditing.

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Why is this training essential?

Understanding and testing access controls are imperative for auditors due to two primary reasons: the need to identify specific segregation of duties conflicts and sensitive access risks as dictated by IT General Controls (ITGCs) and IT Application Controls (ITACs) and maintaining independence between control performers and the activities they oversee.

What to expect from our training series:

Our webinar series includes six intensive sessions, each lasting approximately 45-60 minutes. You'll receive a new session each week. Here's a glimpse of what you'll explore:

Session 1: Dive into role design evaluation, mapping from RACM, and understanding mitigating controls. Learn how to test role designs for sensitive access risks and segregation of duties conflicts using the SafePaaS Access Controls platform.

Session 2: Explore the provisioning process, conduct what-if analyses, and evaluate conflicts across departments using Access Control technology. Delve into the risks associated with overrides of controls and learn how to assess conflicts related to transactions versus configurations.

Session 3: Understand the impact of software updates and patches on user roles. Learn how to run detailed sensitive access analyses post-patch applications and manage role changes effectively to maintain a clean access control environment.

Session 4: Uncover the nuances of user access reviews and the re-certification process. To ensure ongoing compliance, gain insights into re-certifying sensitive access and segregation of duties conflict risks.

Session 5: Master the art of using access control software to respond to cyber incidents. Explore techniques to evaluate the impact of a cyber incident, run sensitive access analyses, and define lookback procedures for effective incident response.

Session 6: Ensure control performers' autonomy by mastering access control software for an in-depth and sensitive access analysis. Gain proficiency in assessing all users, including control performers, and their access through assigned roles. Additionally, learn how access control software tracks and reveals current license usage.

Join us for this transformative training series and empower yourself with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of access control testing. Let's ensure you are not just informed but consistently at the top of your game!

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise. 

Register now and embark on your journey to access control mastery!